School Boards in Action videos highlight the work of trustees
CSBA-produced interviews highlight district accomplishments and trustees’ “why”
CSBA is continuing to recognize the work of dedicated trustees through its School Boards in Action campaign. The multi-platform effort allows trustees to share the experiences of their districts alongside anecdotes from their personal lives. Components of the campaign have included online ads, commercials on streaming radio services, board member profiles in California Schools magazine, monthly features in the California School News newsletter, 5 Questions interviews on CSBA’s blog and video interviews.

Video storytelling gives a glimpse of life in various districts. Narrated by trustees, the videos explore local educational agencies’ pandemic response and recovery plans; district values, goals, accomplishments and priorities; the importance of school boards’ work and board members’ “why.”

Zachery Ramos has been a board member in Merced County’s Gustine Unified School District since 2020. His time as a student in the LEA now informs how he performs his duties as a trustee.

“I’m a product of our local school district. Their generosity taught me how to be generous with my time and be able to give back to my community,” Ramos said in a video interview. “When I was a senior in high school at GHS, I created an organization called the Traveling Library, giving out free books to kids. Ever since then I’ve just continued to work on helping out with spreading free literacy to kids in need.”

District officials are always willing to lend a helping hand and listen to feedback from parents, teachers, administrators and members of the community. They use email or social media to share news.

“Almost every day I see something going on that’s fun or exciting on a campus that has our students involved or staff involved,” Ramos explained. “Our community always loves seeing the updates.”

Creating a relationship and sense of trust with the community is crucial, many board members have pointed out in School Boards in Action interviews.

In Los Angeles County’s Lynwood USD, board member Alma Carina Castro is proud of the district’s successful efforts to build sustainable parent partnerships. Castro is also pleased with the growth of the LEA’s dual enrollment programs.

“Public schools are important because we prepare all students from diverse backgrounds with fundamental skills in reading, writing, mathematics and critical thinking — preparing all students to fulfill their highest potential and their aspirations,” Castro said. “I personally do this work to really impact our educational opportunities for students, [and] to provide leadership and support that our students need via advocacy.”

Being a board member is work of the heart, Castro said, adding that Lynwood USD is “really committed to amplifying opportunities or to expanding opportunities for all of our students who come into our schools with diverse assets, with multilinguistic talents and with diverse backgrounds.”

Santa Cruz County Office of Education board member Abel Sanchez’s interview reminds districts that county offices are a resource for them as well as the larger community. Santa Cruz COE’s website and weekly email house information that locals with a vested interest in public education will find useful. The COE also hosts forums on topics of community concern.

Overall, Sanchez wants to help others find success. “The reason why I serve on the Santa Cruz County Board of Education is because I am an outcome of public schools … I want to be able to give back,” Sanchez said. “I want to be able to contribute so that others can also feel that support, feel encouraged and feel motivated in order to be able to be successful.”

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