Masters in Governance graduates
May 4, 2019: Rancho Cucamonga, California
CSBA is proud to recognize our Masters in Governance graduates and salute their exceptional commitment to professional development in the service of students. MIG completion signifies mastery of the roles and responsibilities of school boards and a strong understanding of the knowledge and skills needed to build and support an effective governance structure that helps produce better outcomes for students. MIG is just one part of CSBA’s commitment to our strategic initiative to support professional development by providing accessible, high-quality training.
May 4,2019, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Front Row: Left to Right
Patricia Singer, Board Member, Ocean View SD; Mark Dundon, Board Member, Hesperia USD; Rachael Robles, Superintendent, Covina-Valley USD; Steve DeMarzio, Delegate, Region 22, Westside Union ESD; Suzanne Seymour, Board Member, Palos Verdes Peninsula USD; David Haglund, Superintendent, Pleasanton USD; Cindy Wu, Board Member, Mountain View ESD; Barbara Schulman, Board Member, Saddleback Valley USD

Second Row: Left to Right
Jordan Zarate, Board Member, Rim of the World USD; Rosilicie Ochoa-Bogh, Board Member, Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint USD; Diane Benitez, Board Member, Rosemead ESD; Ana Conover, Board Member, Desert Sands USD; Karen Bradford, Board Member, Jurupa USD; Bridget Kaub, Board Member, Huntington Beach City ESD; Donna Georgino, Board Member, Temple City USD; Regina Rossall, Superintendent, Westside Union ESD; Melissa Ragole, Board Member, Jurupa USD; Simone Zulu, Board Member, Palmdale SDD

Third row: Left to Right
Christopher McDonald, Board Member, Lake Elsinore USD; Diane Summers, Board President, Fallbrook Union HSD; Lillian Maldonado French, Superintendent, Mountainview ESD; Elizabeth Gonzalez, Board President, Centralia ESD; Manuel Aguirre, Board Member, Romoland School District; John Richard, Board Member, Castaic Union SD; Cynthia Bracamonte, Executive Assistant, Rosemead ESD; Giovanna Perez-Saab, Board Member, Downey USD; Martha Sodetani, Board Member, Downey USD; Michelle Murphy, Superintendent, Rim of the World USD; Kelly Jensen, Board Member, Acton-Agua Dulce USD; Chelsea LaGrange, Board Member, Lucerne Valley USD; Dave Olney, Superintendent, Hesperia USD; Jennifer Navarro, Board Member, Westside Union ESD; Jacquelyn Johansen, Board Member, Menifee Union ESD; Lawrence King, Superintendent, Acton-Agua Dulce USD

Fourth row: Left to Right
Ty Liddell, Board Member, Val Verde USD; Michael Fox, Board President, Acton-Agua Dulce USD; Ramon Cardenas, Board Member, Delano Union ESD; Duane Winn, Board Member, Lancaster ESD; Tim Jorgensen, Board Member, Acton-Agua Dulce USD; Martha McNicholas, Delegate, Region 15, Capistrano USD; Ingrid Munsterman, Assistant Superintendent, Colton Joint USD

Back Row: Left to Right
Jason Smith, Board Member, Banning USD; Mike Lin, Board Member, Temple City USD; Gary Rodriguez, Board Member, Covina-Valley USD; Ryan Holman, Superintendent, Snowline Joint USD; Ken Pfalzgraf, Board Member, Acton-Agua Dulce USD; Bill Lindoff, Board Member, Westside Union ESD

Not Pictured
Norm Enfield, Superintendent, Chino Valley USD; Christina Gagnier, Board Member, Chino Valley USD; Keith Giles, Delegate, Region 22, Lancaster ESD; Colleen Hawkins, Superintendent, Saugus Union SD; Joe Schaffer, Board Member, Chino Valley USD; Nancy Weinstein, Board Member, Tehachapi USDCreek ESD