CSBA’s new Online Learning Center offers valuable benefits to members
CSBA recently launched its expanded Online Learning Center, which allows CSBA members to continue their education at a time and place that is most convenient for them with modules covering everything from governance and policy to finance. Pricing details and information about how to sign up is available at

To help inform members about the new platform, California School News reached out to Naomi Eason, CSBA Assistant Executive Director, Member Services.

CSNews: First off, what should CSBA members know about the key features of the expanded Online Learning Center?

The new platform offers access to learning 24/7 from the comfort of your home. It features a breadth and depth of content developed specifically for California board members with an emphasis on best practices related to governance, the primary role of our members.

CSNews: How does the new platform reflect and respond to CSBA’s identification of the need to provide further opportunities for members to continue their education at a time and place that is most convenient for them?

The Board of Directors identified, through its strategic priorities, the need for more accessible training for members. When CSBA followed up with Directors, Delegates and members though regional Road Show visits, members identified that eliminating travel and distance from accessing high-quality professional development was key. Rural and remote members can face insurmountable challenges when faced with accessing face-to-face trainings. The Online Learning Center removes these barriers and allows members to learn on their own time, at their convenience.

CSNews: How does the Online Learning Center supplement the association’s already vast lineup of in-person trainings and events?

The vision behind the Online Learning Center is not to replace CSBA’s face-to-face trainings, but rather to enhance them by diversifying the breadth and depth of our offerings and expanding the topics we are able to cover. The online format allows for a more streamlined experience whereby members can access information in smaller chunks. This more streamlined format addresses adult learners who regularly wear multiple hats and have limited time to invest in their own development.

CSNews: What types of positive results do governing boards and individual board members see from CSBA’s continuing education opportunities and trainings? How will the Online Learning Center deliver those results?

The only consistent rule about the day in a life of a school board member is to expect change. From facilities, finance, curriculum, assessment and student achievement to countless other topics, the K-12 landscape continues to morph and evolve. It is imperative that individual school board members continue to learn and grow in order to meet the demands of their position, and in order to serve their constituents by making informed decisions on behalf of the students they serve. Content contained in the Online Learning Center will be updated and added to quarterly. For those willing to invest in themselves, the OLC is a great way to get started and to continue your journey as an expert board member.

CSNews: What can CSBA’s members expect to see as the Online Learning Center grows? How will it evolve to reflect member needs and the prevalent governance and education issues of the day?

Members should expect to see quarterly content updates, the eventual inclusion of online book clubs and the ability to engage with other learners over content and the implementation of that content. As members complete learning modules, we will be looking for feedback via the course evaluations in order to better gauge improvements to the OLC based on actual user feedback.