Masters in Governance graduates
July 13, 2019: Santa Barbara, California
CSBA is proud to recognize our Masters in Governance graduates and salute their exceptional commitment to professional development in the service of students. MIG completion signifies mastery of the roles and responsibilities of school boards and a strong understanding of the knowledge and skills needed to build and support an effective governance structure that helps produce better outcomes for students. MIG is just one part of CSBA’s commitment to our strategic initiative to support professional development by providing accessible, high-quality training.
Masters in Governance graduates
Front Row: Left to Right
Heather Lomax, Board Member, Cuyama Joint USD; Stephen Bluestein, Superintendent, Cuyama Joint USD; Irene Garcia, Board Member, South Monterey County Joint Union HSD; Diana Perez; Board Member, Santa Maria Joint Union HSD; Lisa Morinini, Board President, Orcutt Union ESD; Shaun Henderson, Board Member, Orcutt Union ESD; Deborah Blow, Superintendent, Orcutt Union ESD; Mari Minjarez Baptista, Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources, Santa Barbara CEO

Second Row: Left to Right
Sheila Maria Cepeda, Board President, Guadalupe Union ESD; Julie Olsen, Board President, Saugus Union SD; Melanie Waffle, Board Member, Orcutt Union ESD; Irene Martinez, Board Member, Delano Union ESD

Third row: Left to Right
Carlos Rubio, Board Member, Salinas Union HSD; Whitney Goller, Board Member, Cuyama Joint USD (not a graduate); Virginia Lawson; Board Member, Fairfax ESD; Victoria Coronel, Board Member, Fairfax ESD; Jerry Dannenberg, Board Member, Ventura USD; Matthew Almaraz, Board Member, Ventura USD; Palmer Moland, Board Member, Fairfax ESD; Diane Grooms, Board Member, Lancaster ESD; Alma Rios, Board Member, Fairfax ESD; Amanda Parrell, Board Member, Antelope Valley Union HSD; Jeri Mead, Board Member, Santa Paula USD; Sonia De Leon, Board Member, Paramount USD

Back row: Left to Right
Tristen Walker-Shuman, Board Member, Beverly Hills USD; Claudia Jauregui, Executive Assistant, Moreno Valley USD; Elizabeth Marroquin, Delegate, Region 18A, Corona-Norco USD; Marsha Sue Locke, Board Member, Moreno Valley USD; Michael Coleman, Superintendent, Fairfax ESD; Richard Saldana, Board Member, Greenfield Union ESD; Jay Rice, Board Member, Burton ESD; Nancy Schuler-Jones, Board Member, Lompoc USD; Stephen Straight, Board President, Lompoc USD; Vikki Cervantes, Board Member, Burton ESD; Ramon Hendrix, Superintendent, Greenfield Union ESD

Not Pictured
Tiffany Silva, Board Member, Coast USD and Luz Reyes-Martin, Delegate, Region 11A, Goleta Union ESD