Keeping our schools safe

By maclean health, a CSBA Partner Program

AMI Expeditionary Healthcare (AMI) is physician owned and physician led and committed to helping our California education partners keep schools safe and operating through the challenges of COVID-19.

Teamed with California based strategic partner, Maclean Health, AMI delivers a unique combination of turnkey healthcare solutions composed of extremely flexible teams of health practitioners, fixed and mobile medical facilities, air ambulance services, and highly refined medical processes. We have one goal — and that is to provide the best patient care and clinical outcomes in whatever setting however challenging, remote, and under-resourced the setting may be.

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AMI’s capacity goes beyond its ability to provide medical services and personnel in any setting, including some of the world’s most difficult environments. We have delivered over 6,000 medical personnel and healthcare solutions to over 70 hospital settings on four continents. As a global leader in expeditionary medicine, we are culturally competent and hire multilingual clinicians and staff to serve the needs of every patient that we care for.

During COVID-19, AMI has been a leader in supporting the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) efforts to combat the pandemic. AMI was involved in the COVID-19 response since the virus first hit the United States. We have stood up and managed COVID-19 healthcare facilities, COVID-19 testing sites (both static and mobile), provided contact tracing services, as well as delivered the COVID-19 vaccines through mass vaccination sites and mobile outreach units to underserved populations.

We are the most experienced private-sector entity providing robust testing and vaccination COVID-19 services. We are actively engaged in providing clinical support to multiple ongoing efforts for HHS, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, along with Los Angeles Unified School District, and in the States of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Louisiana. Notably, AMI was selected as a vendor by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) to provide testing services to schools throughout the state of California. As Los Angeles leads the way to get children back to school, AMI has been contracted by Los Angeles United School District to support COVID-19 testing. AMI has administered over 2 million COVID-19 tests since May 2021 proceeding at a rate of 250,000 tests a week throughout LA County at over 18 locations. AMI hired over 1100 clinical, administrative, and logistical staff to support this endeavor. The testing sites are located within three local school districts. AMI also provides at-home testing for non-mobile students in all six school districts. AMI created — and deployed a rapid response medical task force to combat COVID-19 that was able to assess, test, and stabilize outbreaks in skilled nursing homes for the San Mateo County Office of Emergency Management. These specialized medical strike teams assessed over 450 facilities and tested roughly 8,500 individuals. AMI launched several COVID-19 vaccination initiatives in partnership with Bucks County, Chester County, the Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH), and Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) to stand up regional clinics across the state. AMI’s mobile teams have performed nearly 100,000 COVID-19 tests across the state and supported efforts to vaccinate teachers delivering 112,000 vaccine doses in just 10 days mobilizing approximately 700 healthcare workers to stand up 28 clinics just for this effort. This project was part of the governor’s initiative to get kids back in school as quickly as possible.

AMI understands the testing solutions, clinical best practices, and clinical governance requirements of the COVID-19 environment better than any expeditionary healthcare provider in the world. In partnership with the California School Board Association, we are committed to keeping our schools operational to provide a safe environment for learning for our students and staff.

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